How to Buy

Select from a Full Range of Purchase Options which Simplify your Purchase and Budget Processes

You can purchase HPE Education Services using a variety of options:

  • You can purchase when you register for a course individually.
  • You can purchase Training Credits in advance of registration, to use budget. Consider our eLearning subscriptions, to gain better value.
  • You can also work with our training experts to invest in curriculum planning for your entire team.

Why HPE Training Credits?

Many times, organizations allocate training budget in advance of making specific training plans. HPE aligns to your need to apply that budget by required fiscal deadlines, and gives you the flexibility to make specific enrollment decisions later.

How it works: your Training Credit balance can be applied to training courses offered by HPE Education Services, at any time, for anyone in your organization.

  • Greater flexibility
  • Attend training as and when you need
  • Purchase for a team and apply to any student
  • Match to your budget cycle
  • Discounts are offered to qualified customers and partners
  • Ease of purchase
  • By-pass immediate registration requirements
  • Establish a training account

Contact Us

If you know that you will need training but you are not sure of the exact requirements, then HPE Training Credits offer a flexible and convenient solution.

Local phone number

+82 1661 9080

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