Culture and behaviors

Build a positive user experience and decrease user resistance to change through proactive and targeted engagement.

Introduce and embed new behaviors and beliefs, to enable all levels of an organization to deliver desired business outcomes.

IT organizational change

Reshape and enhance your IT organizational structure to build a basis for sustainable IT change.

Align the IT organization to empower overall change readiness going forward.

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Knowledge and skills

Introduce and enrich the new skills and knowledge by leveraging our training portfolio and tailored learning solutions.

Ensure new technologies deliver value to the business through accelerated adoption of new capabilities.

VIDEO | 7:15

See how MoC supported the Microsoft Teams rollout within HPE

During the Summer of 2020, a small team developed and implemented a User Adoption plan for the rollout of Microsoft Teams within HPE Belgium and Luxembourg. The project was called "Bold Ambition" and it was aimed at making Microsoft Teams the number one communication and collaboration tool within the HPE BeLux organization.

In this video, Kira Bezler interviews Benedicte Arnoldts and Kris Gielen about this project.


200 percentage

average cost over-run in 1 in 6 projects 1

1 in 6 projects overrun schedule by

70 percentage



billion US annual economy loss due to failed IT projects 3

75 percentage

of IT execs believe their IT projects are "doomed from the start" 4

70 percentage

of transformation projects fail to achieve their goals 5

Digital transformation requires extra effort from your employees. By keeping your transformation goals in mind while still focusing on the human element, MoC ensures that your project stays on schedule and on budget. Don't become one of these statistics—let MoC guide your digital journey.

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