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High quality training designed for today’s learner.

Access training anytime, anywhere, at your point of need and as often as you need during your subscription.

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The Digital Learner subscription blends traditional and new digital learning methods. This new learning experience provides e-learning content delivered in a modern learning platform, which is selected and aligned to the skills development needed in your organization. The new approach results in:

  • Increased access to meaningful learning
  • Availability to more people in your organization
  • Lower costs and disruption to your business

Each HPE Digital Learner Content Pack delivers a minimum of 20 hours on quality eLearning content for your selected technology.

Choose from category 1 and category 2 Content Packs.

Category 1 Content Packs specialize in HPE technology and Category 2 Content Packs are complimentary training to HPE technologies.

Click on the icon below to connect to the digital learning available in that technology or browse the list that follows.

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HPE Digital Learner subscription services

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Digital Learner Brochure

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