HPE Right Start Knowledge Bundles

HPE Right Start Knowledge Bundles

The new Right Start Knowledge bundles provide comprehensive training solutions that start at the right point for getting up to speed on a new HPE technology solution.

All Right Start Knowledge bundles can be purchased with Training Credits.

HPE Technology Solution Bundles

Don’t know where to start or what is important to get initial skills and knowledge on your new technology?

How can I get up to speed quickly?

Are you buying/implementing a new HPE technology solution and need to be equipped to be your company’s technical lead working with HPE to increase value of that solution?

HPE Right Start Knowledge bundles from Education Services focus on developing the right skills and knowledge related to a technology solutions.

They are easy to consume with a comprehensive combination of modalities that will fit into the work schedule. Each bundle includes five days or less of ILT/vILT training and access to additional self paced training for a full 12 months which they can use as much as they like for reference and refresher learning as needed.

These bundles can be purchased using Technology Training Credits or Support Contract Training Credits. Each bundle offers a recommended set of training but you can choose to spend the Training Credits on any training offerings from Education Services.

HPE Right Start Knowledge Bundles