Cyber Resilience

We need to talk about … your people

Cyber Resilience

The Idea Economy is here. And that means you’re on the fast-track to change. Every IT Transformation you undertake will impact your workplace environment and every change will include a human impact. Security is no exception.

Studies show, as IT teams build higher walls to protect your enterprise with better security systems, the “black hats” target your exposed workforce. Your workforce can be an important part of your preparedness strategy – when you train them to be an extension of your cyber security strategy.

Aligning all of this within an organization is a hard job. That’s where we can help

Did you know?

To help you to become better aware of the size and scope of the cybersecurity challenge, we are publishing a series of materials designed to provide you with fresh insights and new ways to take meaningful action to address security exposures.

Why train your entire company on cybersecurity? We make it easy

Our on-demand subscription is SCORM-compliant, and we work with you to add it to your Learning and Development platform.

Our own HPE team uses this training to ensure that our workforce knows how to protect our company.

Security Resources and Information

Visit our Transforming IT blog and community site for current articles.

For help with Security curriculum planning for your team, see our Security education site and contact us to speak with an expert and plan what you need, tailored to your unique team requirements.

Why HPE for Security Education Services?

As an IDC Marketscape leader in IT Education and training – including in Security for 4 years running – Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Education Services covers all dimensions of transforming people, process and technology to help you lower your risks and raise your cyber security preparedness thresholds.

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Our experts can answer your questions on course schedules and arrange tailored content and delivery.

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HPE Education Community site and blog center

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