Leading European investment bank

Transforms operating model of its IT department

In order to remain competitive in the marketplace Management of Change (MoC) services were critical for this investment bank. IT needed to modernize and transform their operating model from being technology centric and move to focusing on better supporting the needs of the business. Services included:

  • Project governance and project management with a phased project approach
  • Comprehensive and Custom MoC services including:
    • Human Resources including but not limited to job skills assessments - both current and future, employee skills gap analysis, remodeling job descriptions, recruitment support
    • Communication planning and execution
    • Business, technical and soft skills training
    • Resistance management, stakeholder management (internal business units)


    • Recovered customer (internal) confidence through better alignment of IT services to the business needs and consequently avoiding compliance issues which can arise through shadow IT.
    • Reduced operating and supporting costs by decreasing shadow IT services
    • Increased IT team employee productivity due to the modernized infrastructure with new tools, processes and business relationships

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