Show off your technical prowess with a digital badge

Earn verified digital badges when you complete required training
HPE Services offers digital badges at no extra cost when you complete training requirements. Badges symbolize your specialized knowledge of HPE and other industry technologies, and can easily be shared with your professional network.
Show off your technical prowess with a digital badge
  • What are digital badges?

    What are digital badges?

    The HPE Services digital badge program recognizes IT professionals for their training achievements with credentials in the form of digital badges. These visual representations of skills provide an easy way to demonstrate your skills, experience, and knowledge.
  • Choose your learning level

    Choose your learning level

    With three levels to choose from—Fast Start (beginner), Specialist (intermediate), and Administrator (expert)—digital badges are designed to accommodate learners of any level. Badges cover a range of subjects, including HPE GreenLake, storage, VMware®, Veeam®, and more.
  • Earning badges is easy

    Earning badges is easy

    You earn badges after completing specified course(s) and passing a skills assessment, which is included with your registration at no extra charge. Many badges are available after taking just one course. Badges are verified online, in real time, by Credly.

How to earn a digital badge


Complete the required training

Each badge has a specific set of training requirements, usually completing one course. You can view requirements by selecting any badge name.


Pass a skills assessment

After you’ve completed the required training, you must pass the assessment with a score of 80% or above. The assessment is included with course registration at no extra cost.


Claim your badge

Once you have passed the assessment, you will receive an email from Credly to set up/log in to your account. Through Credly, you can retrieve your badge and share it with your professional network.

Browse the digital badge menu

Digital badges are available in three levels: Fast Start (beginner), Specialist (intermediate), and Administrator (expert). Select a level to see available badges, then select a badge name to read an overview, view training requirements, and register.
Fast Start

Fast Start

Fast Start badges are designed to teach the fundamentals of a topic, providing a broad overview for those new to a subject. All Fast Start badge courses are included with an HPE Digital Learner subscription of any level. Most Fast Start badges can be earned in two business days or less.

Audience: General IT and data center staff, influencers, solution designers, system integrators, technical staff, and technical architects

Cloud computing foundation
HPE Aruba Networking
HPE Aruba Networking: Mobility
HPE Aruba Networking: Network security
HPE GreenLake essentials
HPE Nimble Storage
HPE OneView
HPE Primera
HPE ProLiant Compute: Gen10 Plus
HPE SimpliVity
HPE Synergy

Earn multiple badges with HPE Digital Learner

You can earn all Fast Start badges and the majority of Specialist and Administrator badges with an HPE Digital Learner subscription. With your 12-month subscription, you’ll gain unlimited access to a vast content library that includes training on HPE technologies, cutting-edge IT topics, power skills, and business skills.
Try HPE Digital Learner for yourself with a free 7-day trial, where you can not only explore the extensive learning catalog, you can also take courses. Discover the freedom to learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.
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Explore flexible training formats

Badge-eligible courses come in various formats: virtual instructor-led training (VILT), instructor-led training (ILT), and individual eLearning courses. Many courses include access to virtual labs (HPE vLabs) for hands-on practice.

Share badges with your network

Credly makes it easy for you to share your learning achievements with your professional network. Badge earners have complete control over badge sharing—visit the Credly site for more information.

Why get a digital badge?

  1. Digital badges are replacing paper certificates as proof of learning.
  2. Badges are an easy way to verify learning accomplishments.
  3. They demonstrate deeper knowledge on specific subjects.
  4. Badges provide recognition for learning new skills.
  5. They can easily be displayed on social media.

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