HPE Digital Learner – SMB Edition

HPE Digital Learner – SMB Edition

Power your business with the best workforce talent

Quality training is now available for small and medium businesses (SMB) with HPE Digital Learner—SMB Edition. Designed specifically for SMB, it provides unlimited access to curated training on HPE and industry technologies, business strategy, soft skills, and more. See for yourself—try it free for 7 days.
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  • Get the right skills the right way

    Get the right skills the right way

    Protect and grow your business with training designed around your needs. Our solution supports various skill levels and learning styles to help your team become industry leaders.
  • Gain a competitive advantage

    Gain a competitive advantage

    Stay ahead of the learning curve—create a bridge between new technology and your business by making sure that your team has access to the proper training.
  • Exceed customer expectations

    Exceed customer expectations

    SMBs with skilled employees differentiate themselves and are better positioned to drive growth. Boost your business with our innovative learning solutions.

What you get with your SMB subscription

Learn more about the training content in the HPE Digital Learner – SMB Edition content library.

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SMB Edition

HPE technology training
The HPE technology training library includes eLearning that covers HPE core technologies. Many of the courses include simulated or virtual hands-on labs for reinforced learning.
IT and business skills training
Get unlimited access to a broad array of courses covering cloud, security, and data as well as digital marketing, soft skills, and more.
HPE Virtual Labs (HPE vLabs)
Many of the HPE technology training courses feature virtual labs (HPE vLabs), which offer secure, remote access to state-of-the-art technology that enables hands-on practice for reinforced learning. With HPE vLabs, HPE customers and partners can learn how to get the most out of their technology investments in a safe, nonproduction environment. Please note that additional costs may apply for the HPE Aruba Networking self-directed labs.

Learning paths

Learning paths provide a curated set of courses related to specific subject areas (networking, storage, data and analytics, etc.), ensuring that students receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Post-training learning boosts

Most courses in the HPE technology training library contain regular learning checks. In the months following completion of the course, learners are presented with questions related to core concepts. Once the question is answered, a short explanation displays. This method is designed to reinforce lessons and heighten memory retention of the learning over time.

Ask an instructor

During the subscription term, learners may submit questions to an HPE subject matter expert (via a special course module) while taking courses related to HPE technologies.

Social learning via the HPE digital community

HPE Digital Learner provides a gateway to the HPE digital community for access to forums and blogs by expert technologists and HPE thought leaders.
Digital badges
Digital badges recognize IT professionals for their talents, skills, and training achievements. Earn HPE Fast Start, Specialist, and Administrator verifiable digital badges and share them with your professional network.

Certification training

Gain access to training for trending industry certifications. Take advantage of the curated certification learning paths containing self-paced elearning courses, eBooks, videos, test prep, and more.

Live bootcamps

Live bootcamps provide access to both industry experts and a community of peers, enabling learners to get advice from instructors, chat in real time, and work through issues with their cohort.

To upgrade your account, find out about enterprise options, or learn about pricing for 10+ users, please contact us.

Explore the HPE Digital Learner – SMB content library

Technology evolves rapidly, and it's critical that your business keep up with the changes. Access to relevant learning content without workplace disruption is no longer an option, it is a requirement for success. Whether working on skills needed for your job today or working toward industry certification prep, HPE Digital Learner has relevant training for you. Select a category to learn more.
HPE technology
IT and business skills
Certification prep

HPE technology

Created and delivered by experts at HPE, these courses present focused, key information about core technologies like HPE Aruba Networking, servers, and storage solutions, including hands-on HPE Virtual Labs (HPE vLabs) for many of the courses.

Get ahead of the game: Attend live bootcamps

Select HPE Digital Learner subscriptions (Silver, Gold, SMB Edition, and Solution Partner Edition) now include live bootcamps that strengthen certification preparation and help fine-tune new skills for future job roles. At no additional cost, live bootcamps provide access to both industry experts and a community of peers, enabling learners to get advice from instructors, chat in real time, and work through issues with peers.
These sessions simulate the classroom experience in a virtual environment and cover key technology topics, including PMP, CISSP, CompTIA Project, CompTIA Security+, Agile, full stack developer, and more. Take advantage of this opportunity today!
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Avoid downtime

SMBs with skilled employees differentiate themselves and are better positioned to win customers, solve business problems, and drive business growth.


Get certified with SMB

HPE Digital Learner – SMB provides training for multiple industry certifications from providers like AWS, Microsoft, and more. See the full list in the brochure.


Earn digital badges

Digital badges are available across a variety of technology subjects and provide an easy way to verify your learning credentials at no extra charge.


More HPE Digital Learner options

Looking for expanded HPE technology and industry training, or options that include virtual instructor-led training (VILT)? Check out HPE Digital Learner.

How can we help?

Need assistance with course selection or have general questions? We’re here to help!
Our experts can answer your questions about course schedules and arrange customized training solutions for your business.