Employees working remotely around the world will feel connected while building their skills. HPE Digital Learner enables learning—anytime, anywhere—by providing access to the latest eLearning for HPE technologies, the hottest industry topics (Security, Cloud, AI) and soft skills for personal development.

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HPE Digital Learner transforms learning to deliver better upskilling and outcomes for your business

HPE Digital Learner subscriptions offer the blended and holistic learning experiences that IT and business professionals need, at a better value for your business.

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HPE Digital Learner Packages

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All HPE technology elearning (Category 1 Content Packs) The Category 1 content pack library includes 300+ hrs of elearning. A single content pack is a collection of elearning focused on an HPE core technology and typically includes a minimum of 24 hours of learning. Many of the courses include simulated or virtual hands-on labs for reinforced learning.

Virtual Lab (vLabs) Many HPE technology content packs include hands-on labs for reinforced learning. HPE vLabs provides secure access to remote and onsite hands-on preconfigured and dynamic training solutions. HPE customers and partners learn with vLabs how to gain the most out of their technology investments in a safe and user-centric environment.

Learning Paths Learning Paths within the Digital Learner portal organize courses and create prerequisites for learners.

Post training learning checks (Learner Boosts) Questions that are presented to learners at specified intervals outside of the course once the course has been completed. These questions are designed to reinforce lessons learned within the course to heighten memory retention of learning over time.

Ask an Instructor During the subscription term, learners may submit questions to an HPE subject matter expert (via Discussion Forums) while completing HPE branded technologies eLearning training.

Social Learning (Peer-to-community, User Achievements) HPE Digital Learner is a gateway to the HPE digital community which provides online access to expert technologists available for Q&A and peer mentoring opportunities for a peer-to-community experience.

Learners can earn points and user achievements as they progress through their learning. Also, where Digital Learner teams exist, learners may view their standing from the Leaderboard.

Verifiable Digital Badges The HPE Peak Performance program recognizes IT professionals for their talents, skills and training achievements through verifiable, resume worthy digital credentials. Using HPE’s Verified Badging program, credential earners can track training achievements, show status within a community, progress your training journey to gain greater expertise, and share earned HPE credentials with the world. For HPE Digital Badges, visit www.hpe.com/ww/learnbadging.

All select IT industry elearning (Category 2 Content) To complement training on HPE technologies, the subscription service offers a wide variety of elearning training across industry technologies. For a list of solutions and curriculums included, visit http://www.hpe.com/ww/digitallearn-contentpack.

Expert Series Recorded Webinars As part of select subscription services, learners have on-going access to HPE Expert Series recorded webinars for playback within the Digital Learner portal.

Recorded Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT) Select subscriptions provide learners a glimpse into the virtual classroom through playback of instructor lectures from virtual instructor-led classes covering HPE technology.

Virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT) from broad catalog (includes up to 3 vILT classes) Attend up to 3 eligible, traditional vILT courses under the subscription service. To see vILT courses eligible with Digital Learner, visit the portfolio pages at www.hpe.com/ww/learn.

Office Hours Office hours are live online public scheduled sessions with an experienced HPE instructor focusing on HPE technology content pack topics. The trainer serves as a coach to enhance the learning experience while providing a live session in which questions may be asked and answered.

Note: Enterprise options and pricing available for 10+ users, contact us for details

HPE Digital Learner Content Packs and core learning curriculum for digital skills development

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a market leader in technology training, as recognized by IDC for five years running. Our technical training covers 10 major and 9 minor technology areas, with support from our virtual lab environment to enable hands-on learning through simulations, along with real equipment and software.

HPE Education Services Customer Loyalty Program

Program Offer: Beginning in January, 2020 HPE Education Services customers that attend virtual instructor-led training (vILT) or instructor-led training are eligible to receive a 20% discount toward the purchase of HPE Digital Learner.

Program Terms: From January 1, 2020 through April 30, 2020, customers who attend an HPE Education Services public, open enrollment session may use the promotional code WW20DLDISCOUNTPROMO to receive a 20% discount toward the purchase of HPE Digital Learner Bronze or Silver 1 Year subscription services.

Restrictions: This offer cannot be combined with Training Credits. The promotional code must be applied at time of purchase to receive the program discount. HPE reserves the right to change the terms of this offer, or to terminate it, at any time. HPE Terms and Conditions and other restrictions apply.

Easily add traditional virtual Instructor-led training to your subscription

As a part of the Digital Learner Gold subscription or as an option with an enterprise subscription offer, attend up to 3 live, virtual Instructor-led Training (vILT) courses from our broad catalog of eligible courses. Our virtual classroom is an exceptionally strong experience, with smooth audio, bidirectional screen presentations, and a high level of convenience. Virtual hands-on labs are an essential component to all learning modalities.

To see vILT courses eligible with Digital Learner, visit the portfolio pages at www.hpe.com/ww/learn.

To view the current vILT schedule available with Digital Learner, visit www.hpe.com/ww/digitallearnervilt.

HPE Digital Badging and Achievement Awards

This year show off your high-value technology skills with HPE Peak Performance digital badging and achievement awards

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