HPE artificial intelligence training and certification

Amplify your business with artificial intelligence (AI), machine-learning (ML), and deep learning (DL).

Harness the power of AI, ML, and DL in your business

Harness the power of AI, ML, and DL in your business

Watch this video to learn how to build the next generation of AI talent with innovative, Gen Z-preferred learning options from HPE Education Services.

  • Tap into the unlimited potential of AI, ML, and DL

    As AI continues to improve formerly daunting computing tasks, it's more important than ever to know how to make it work for you. Our AI training covers an array of AI-related subjects, from AI, ML, and DL basics to Microsoft Azure AI to HPE Ezmeral ML Ops. Discover how to automate complex jobs, analyze data to improve product recommendations, and much more. We also offer AI certification training to verify your expertise.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning

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Verify your skills with AI certification

Certifications verify and prove your skills on a subject. Invest in your business and your career with AI certification—start your journey with training for one of the certifications below.

* Certification training courses are designed to prepare learners for certification exams. Completion of training does not guarantee certification. Certification exams are not included with training; learners must contact the issuing organization for certification exam details.

Reinforce your AI skills with HPE Digital Learner

Reinforce your AI skills with HPE Digital Learner
The HPE Digital Learner subscription service delivers a continuous learning channel—anytime, anywhere. It provides expansive training libraries meet HPE and premier industry training and certification needs, as well as professional development. It includes unlimited access to new and refreshed content during the subscription term and offers eLearning, hands-on virtual labs, videos, testing, reporting, digital badges, options for instructor-led training and more.
Below are just a few of the examples of the AI/ML/DL training available in HPE Digital Learner.
  • Courses: AI Architect, Applied Deep Learning, HPE Ezmeral ML Ops, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the Cloud, ML/DL Best Practices, and more
  • Programming: AI and ML Solutions with Python, Developing AI and ML Solutions with Java, DL programming with Python
  • Certification training: AWS Certified Machine Learning, Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

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5 reasons to choose HPE as your training partner

HPE continually adapts to help transform organizations through a learning culture that drives technology adoption, business and personal growth, process innovation, talent retention, sustainability, and competitive differentiation.

  1. Learn HPE and in-demand IT industry technologies from expert instructors.
  2. Build career-advancing power skills.
  3. Enjoy personalized learning journeys aligned to your company’s needs.
  4. Choose how you learn: in-person, virtually, or on-demand—anytime, anywhere.
  5. Sharpen your skills with access to real environments in virtual labs.

The benefits of learning

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    Get exclusive offers with our newsletter

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  • Show off your technical prowess with a digital badge

    Show off your technical prowess with a digital badge

    Find out how to earn verified digital badges when you complete select courses. Badges can be shared with your professional network to validate your skills and knowledge.
  • The future of AI talent lies with Gen Z

    The future of AI talent lies with Gen Z

    As Gen Z takes over as the largest percentage of the workforce, businesses need to teach this influential group how to handle future AI challenges.

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