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Linux has become an operating system of choice with its flexibility, stability, and high reliability. In addition to running servers, desktops, and embedded systems across the globe, Linux is also one of the most reliable and secure operating systems available. The potential of such a ubiquitous environment can be fully tapped only with the right technical skills and knowledge. With Linux training from HPE Education Services, you have access to expert-led training courses that teach how to install, code, run, manage, and scale a Linux environment. Start learning today!

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Reinforce your skills with HPE Digital Learner

Reinforce your skills with HPE Digital Learner
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HPE continually adapts to help transform organizations through a learning culture that drives technology adoption, business and personal growth, process innovation, talent retention, sustainability, and competitive differentiation.

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  3. Enjoy personalized learning journeys aligned to your company’s needs.
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  • Show off your technical prowess with a digital badge

    Show off your technical prowess with a digital badge

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  • Learning designed around your schedule

    Learning designed around your schedule

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