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HPE正在改變網路的規則, 提供完整的標準產品和整合性方案, 以及因應解決複雜性專案所發展的服務。透過我們廣泛的網路課程, 讓您的員工技能提升, 獲取最高的教育訓練投資報酬。

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The job of a network administrator is expanding with the escalating demands of the virtualized, cloud-ready and software defined data center. They are attending to enterprises that are struggling to keep pace with the exponential increase in traffic. Users want access to business applications from their fixed and mobile workstations. They demand constant and immediate connectivity across wired and wireless networks and they want to switch seamlessly from traditional IT to private and public clouds, and back.

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Datasheet: HPE Digital Learner subscription services

HPE Digital Learner subscription services

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Digital Learner Brochure


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