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Managing Zerto: Setup, Protection, and Recovery


Managing Zerto: Setup, Protection, and Recovery (H61K2S)

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Unlock the value of Zerto and HPE Primera tier 0 storage to protect your virtualized workloads. Combining Primera's 100% uptime guarantee with Zerto's leading RPO/RTO delivers industry leading uptime.
Protect your workloads in your datacenter or cloud using Zerto and HPE Nimble’s intelligent, self-managing flash storage.
Zerto, powered by HPE servers, switches, and HPE MSA storage brings enterprise-class resilience to a budget-friendly solution.
Zerto combines with the simplicity of HPE SimpliVity for DR, backup, and data mobility for an intelligent, cloud mobile, and disaster-proof hyperconverged solution.
With Catalyst API integration, Zerto benefits from source-side dedupe using HPE StoreOnce as a backup target.
Secure cloud storage for Zerto’s LTR backups utilizing the Catalyst API for source-side dedupe with ZERO egress charges for recovering your data.
HPE Complete, StorMagic, and Zerto provide a unique solution where edge workloads can be protected while still maintaining the performance, processing, and minimal footprint.

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